About Us

Tafakori Khan LLP is a law firm which services Ontario, and particularly the Greater Toronto Area. Our lawyers are available to help you throughout your real estate transaction, whether it is a purchase, sale, or refinance. We understand that real estate transactions can be a bit frustrating. Often, there are a number of documents which must be reviewed by you and your lawyer, prior to the closing date. At Tafakori Khan LLP, it is our goal to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. 

Why Choose Tafakori Khan LLP?

Selecting the right law firm for your real estate transaction is a very important decision. Remember, real estate is likely the greatest asset one owns or will own. We understand the importance of completing your transaction in a timely manner, so that you may venture forward. 

Also, Tafakori Khan LLP has taken a number of steps to help our clients, including:

  • A flat fee quotation;
  • No upfront retainer required;
  • Mobile signing within the GTA for our clients; and 
  • Future discounts for all of our clients.